Business Professionals

If you are a business professional, CyLexic provides end to end integrated solutions for learning and development programs targeting both C-suite as well lower level executives.  The ultimate aim is to boost performance at the executive level.  Depending on the needs of executives working for the enterprise, CyLexic provides:

  1. Training content development to suit the needs of the enterprise.
  2. Tweaking or adaptation of the PEbAAL pedagogy to suit the preferred instructional design approach of the enterprise.
  3. Deployment of cloud-based learning management systems on a modular or “whole of systems” approach.

Our typical process of engagement with executives working in enterprises are as follows:

  1. Review of the enterprise strategy for quality growth and business plan.
  2. Review of existing training and development programs to evaluate performance levels.
  3. Where appropriate, adaptation or adoption of the PEbAAL pedagogy.
  4. If needed, joint development of training and development management system to ensure higher performance among the enterprise’s workforce.